What Isn’t Food?

img_0138When I started this blog almost four months ago, I had to think hard on how to categorize it. Was it entertainment, humor, commentary, reviews of my likes and dislikes, or what? I knew food was up in there somewhere, but it was a tough choice to make, knowing I would be somewhat penciling myself into a tidy folder. And I am not a tidy man, thought-wise. I am all over the shop…pushed, pulled and lifted by invisible strands of gravitational space/time. A curious and opinionated question shaped leaf, landing briefly then pushed again to somewhere else.

That is why I went with ‘food’. It wasn’t so much my love of cooking that opened the curtain and flicked on the choppy lights of this soapbox. It was that food is more universal than music or art, or anything else. It doesn’t mean that I need to plug in a sentence here and there with food as a reference either. It’s just simply that…what isn’t food?

What isn’t broken down and consumed by a larger or smaller body? What isn’t eroded, crumbled, decomposed, dehydrated, or burned by external, or internal, forces? All things are altered constantly. And food in its most literal form is just an afterthought in a swill of the many changes. Mountains to minerals. The dead become soil. It sprouts and the wind blows the seeds nothing likes to eat, and the others are consumed and shat out. To grow elsewhere. A tiny green crust we call food and foliage.

And deep beneath our tiny outer shell, giants are devoured in magma and spewed forth in living rock. A violent balance of destruction and creation, but there is neither. For if we could see it all happening at a great speed, it would just look like static fuzz on the late night tube. We are all wound in the unwound.

We and all living things are a part of this messy primordial ferment, and at the quantum level there is no outline that separates me from the chair I’m sitting on. And yet, there is something of me here, doing this thing. I know that I exist, but not so much because I am ‘willfully’ exerting some kind of individuality. I know I exist because I have serious indigestion from all the spicy food I ate last night. And I am almost certain that my chair isn’t experiencing that.

Everything eats. So food it is. I hope you’ve been enjoying these rambles so far. Happy weekend.

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