What’s Your Frequency?

Thinking about this rather deep and unknown idea, in perfect timing, my computer is fried somehow. I’m sure not happy about it, and I have no idea why turning off a new computer would result in it being sent to the purgatory of the dreaded spinning beachball, but it does give me all the more reason to write this post.

Somewhere deep in our hard drives is an electrical frequency that pulses forth from our beings and makes visible our own personal set of sensory experiences, as well as attracts and repels things with a similar vibration to, and away from us. All five or more of our senses apply, and thus we are our own little planets orbiting around other similar celestial bodies.

Why should what we eat be any different? If we are drawn closer to all other sorts of things; colours, sounds, a beautiful image, a texture, why shouldn’t our vibes make visible our magic foods? Considering taste; a repugnant flavour can be a deep, ancient personal experience, or simply a revolt from our similarly very personal set of cells. Flavours we love conversely receive applause from our little spherical cell friends. All are citizens of our unique little planets of perception.

I have believed for a long time that we all have a unique kind of diet and set of foods that our bodies could function best with. It is our job to seek out, record if necessary, and eventually follow the ever constant whisperings of our bodies.

We can for sure argue that this food is healthful and that food is not, but in my opinion, I’ve always been a little skeptical of this notion. One man’s potion could very well be another’s poison. That does not mean that we can all live long and prosper on jelly donuts alone. Our bodies need varying amounts of protein, carbs, fibre, vitamins and minerals. But it’s definitely worth the effort to see what our bodies react best and worst to.

Since mass production became massively pushed in our faces after WWII, we have lived in an ever increasing world of advertising. While most things shoved into our minds can be simply categorized as eager capitalistic campaigns, we tend to remain a little more naive when agricultural, medical or governmental campaigns are involved. For example, milk had been zapped into our heads as a health promoting product for years, despite any proof that it’s really any good for us. Unless of course, you’re a baby cow–which if you’re reading this, you aren’t. In the 80s eggs were good, come the 90s just the whites, and now they’re good again. Same story with butter. Surplus stock gets promoted. Competitors hire spin doctors and the game is on.

When experts are involved we tend to trust that they have our best interests in mind, and forget that they too are just companies trying to make a buck, or offload their stock.

We live in a time of trendy diets and superfoods. We pay top dollar for new research that might not even be anything more than market research.

The Atkins Diet, zero carb diets, the new Keto diets are all part of the same machine going round and round. They come and go like hot sneakers destined for tacksville. Same story, just different colours. The açai berry roles in as the chia seed sits lonely on the shelf. And yet, we bite. Every time hoping that what’s being said is true, that it can change our lives, make us healthy and strong, or help up drop those stubborn extra pounds.

I’m not out to diss any of these foods or diets, it’s just that I can see a pattern. A pattern of the ebb and flow of trends. Trends that usually cost more than a bunch of bananas. Because in truth, we very rarely catch wind of new ways or things that actually save us a buck. Small example; black sesame seeds used to be about 4 bucks a pound in Taiwan until some experts chimed in. Now they’re about 3 times as much.

My advise: find your own frequency. Your own concoction of things that fit your lifestyle and make you happy. Because nobody else will. And if one of the new fangled trends is just the thing, then that’s awesome. If not, keep living. And keep searching. We all must weed out the difference between a programmed craving and the kind that is our body alerting us to a need.

So with an unresponsive computer, and a phone in hand, I’m hungry. But today it’s not hot dogs or fried chicken that I’m honing in on. There’s a dim beacon of a glowing green somewhere on the dirt horizon. All I know is that is has something to do with leaves. And eating more of them. And that, I’m pretty sure is an advertisement coming from my noggin, and surely one with my best interests in mind.

I’ll buy that for a dollar.

6 thoughts on “What’s Your Frequency?

  1. Well said! My family seems blessed with a bee’s metabolism when it comes to sugars. My mother is in her 70s, thin and healthy (thank God), and used to add 6 spoonfuls of sugar to her Coke! Her twin sister was always chubby and stricken with various illnesses. The difference? My mother always ate whatever she felt like, no matter how weird or “unhealthy” it was considered. I am still in awe of her ability to listen to her body!

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  2. I only follow the Mediterranean diet as I have seen generations of my family live long strong lives. Why should I flip to a fad? And yet people still argue with me about converting to their fad diet. We certainly need to learn to be more self sufficient with our food and less of the instant. Great read!


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